2019 05 31 Louleigh Knitting And Sewing Podcast – Cartref Yarn Review

This week I’m wearing my Scout Tee.

We have three knit alongs running in the Louleigh Ravelry group.  Please come and join us.

The projects I’m chatting about  are Guthrie, the A-Frame Skirt, Ankle Socks With Pinstripes, Ultra-Light Ankle Socks, Featherweight Cardigan, and Playdate Cardigan.

Finally, I review Cartref Yarn.

2019 04 26 louleigh knitting and sewing podcast – summer wardrobe planning

Today I’m wearing a Scout Tee made using some cotton fabric purchased ages ago from Ikea.

The Louleigh commuknitty is currently counting down to the Quarter 2 Advent Mini Skein Swap, and enjoying the Magnificent Louleigh Yoke Along.

Today I talk about my Marklee Jersey, fitting a Scout Tee, the Guthrie cardigan, planning an A Frame skirt, and swatching for a Featherweight cardi.

2018 11 09 louleigh knitting and sewing podcast – buddy the bear pattern

Today I’m wearing my Swallowtail Shawl, and a cardigan that my mother knitted (for herself).

The Advent Calendar KAL is up and running in the Louleigh Ravelry group.  Pop over and let us know how you plan to use your mini skeins of yarn.

This week I finished a pair of socks, and another Buddy the BearThis is the link for the tutorial I use for sewing soft toy feet.

2018 10 26 Louleigh Knitting and Sewing Podcast Charm Pack Cherry Quilt

This week I’m wearing Enchanted Mesa.

In the Louleigh Ravelry group we are chatting about #knit1000g2018. Come and join the Tricky Toile Along.

I’ve been working on tube socks, the Jones cardigan, and the Charm Pack Cherry quilt.

Named Clothing Alexandria Peg Trousers – Calling It Quites

Last month I made a toile for the Alexandria Peg Trouser.  The pattern was in a post on Pattern Review, highlighted as one of the top trouser patterns for 2017.  It appealed to me for the couple of reasons.  Firstly, the lack a fabric flopping around the calves.  I’m a pear shape, and most style guru’s will recommend a boot cut to ‘even out my hips’ and give the appearance of height.  Have you ever been caught out wearing a boot-cut trouser on a wet day.  They are dirt and water collectors, and are terrifically uncomfortable once damp.  Secondly, I love the look of this relaxed peg style on other people.  Comfortable, casual and sporty.  I’ve tried quite a few ready to wear trousers in similar styles, without success – mainly because there’s either too much or too little fabric in all the wrong places.  Finally, it just irritates me that my style choices are supposed to be driven from a desire to look taller and thinner.


So I duly made up a toil using an old brushed cotton duvet cover.  The fit was okay, and they were beautifully comfortable.  The most obvious fit problem was the wrinkling down the back of the legs.  This is caused by an excess of fabric over the bottom, so I installed a couple of horizontal darts across the bottom to smooth it out. (Sorry about the truly rotten photo’s here.  It’s been raining for the last few days, and my usual light source is out of commission.)

Having lounged about the house in my toile, I’ve decided not to precede.  Comfy as they are, these trousers are not for me.  They just don’t fit in with my tidy casual sort of style.  I’d feel like I was going out of the house in my pyjamas.  Having made the toile I realised that I don’t actually own any trousers with an elasticated waist.  There is nothing wrong with the pattern. The trousers just aren’t my style.  I’m moving on.

2018 10 12 louleigh knitting and sewing podcast

We are chatting about #knit1000g2018 in the Ravelry group.  Please come and join us.

This week  I’m sharing progress on the Jones cardigan, road testing some fabric woven on my rigid heddle loom, and explaining my decision not to continue with the Alexandria Peg Trousers.

2018 09 14 louleigh knitting podcast


The Louleigh community is chatting about the Advent Mini Skein Swap, and #knit1000g2018.

I’ve cast on Jones; and am working on Ultra-light Ankle socks, and the Alexandria  Peg Trousers.

Do you have any special tips for working with combinations or recycled and new yarn?

2018 09 07 louleigh knitting podcast – #knit1000g2018

The Louleigh Community has started chatting about #knit1000g2018.  If you want to revel in knitting beautiful stash yarn, come and join us.  Don’t forget to sign up for the last quarter of the Advent Mini Skein Swap.

I’ve herded together Bovertun, Sizzle Pop, and The Doodler for my #knit1000g2018 projects.  This week I’ll be unravelling my Quill shawl, and the Before Dark cardigan.  And work has begun on the Alexandria Peg Trousers.

2018 08 05 Louleigh Knitting and Sewing Podcast – Farrow Dress No. 2

This week in the Louleigh community we’ve been chatting about the Stash Depreciating Shawl Along.

I’ve been working on the Playdate Cardigan, a pair of vanilla socks, and my second Farrow Dress. And I’ve finish a third Silk Cami.

2018 07 20 louleigh knitting and sewing podcast – playdate cardigan and farrow dress


In the Louleigh Ravelry Group we have been chatting about the KAL for our Stash Depreciating Shawls, and sign-up for Quarter 4 of the Advent Mini Skein Swap has opened.

I am knitting a Playdate cardigan, and working on my Ultra-light Sock pattern.  I’ve been sewing a Farrow Dress, and another Silk Cami.