Yarn Review: Blacker Yarns Samite – Armpit Test

In short, the armpit test involves me tucking a swatch into the armpit of my bra for a few days.  This test tells me a lot about next to skin softness, and how the yarn might wear over time.


Can you tell any difference between this picture, and the one I took the other day?  (Apart from the fact that the sun is out here today.)  I can’t.  I keep checking the swatch for signs of piling or abrasion, and there just aren’t any.  It looks exactly as it did after that first wash, except… it’s softer.  Significantly softer.  Putting Samite next the the sweatiest part of your body for three days makes it soften.  Seriously though, I think Samite is one of those precious yarns that is going to get more beautiful with age.  And I can wear it next to my skin and forget that it’s there.

At £26.50, Samite definitely falls into the luxury category.  Personally I think it’s worth every penny, and will gladly confess that I have fallen head over heels for this yarn.  It makes me want to knit with beads, something I never thought I’d find myself saying.

Wool is a renewable resource, so typically I don’t worry about missing out.  There will always be more beautiful yarn – right?  But I am saving my pennies for a jumpers quantity of this yarn.  If it sells out in the meantime – well, you will find me under by desk quietly weeping.


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