The First Post


Today I’ve decided to reignite my blogging life!  Writing is something I really enjoy, but it’s not easy.  I am dyslexic, and while the words might flow from my head in a steady stream, when I read them back they are often jumbled and riddled with mistakes.  Comments like ‘You should have proof-read this’ were common in my academic life, even though I re-read everything I write at least three times.  Those mistakes have been a source of embarrassment and shame.

Today I’m giving myself permission not to care.  I’ll still proof read everything, and hope that the odd mistake won’t distract to much from your pleasure in reading.

It’s brilliant to be back and sharing my life in making with you.  Thank you so much for being here.

2018 09 14 louleigh knitting podcast


The Louleigh community is chatting about the Advent Mini Skein Swap, and #knit1000g2018.

I’ve cast on Jones; and am working on Ultra-light Ankle socks, and the Alexandria  Peg Trousers.

Do you have any special tips for working with combinations or recycled and new yarn?

2018 09 07 louleigh knitting podcast – #knit1000g2018

The Louleigh Community has started chatting about #knit1000g2018.  If you want to revel in knitting beautiful stash yarn, come and join us.  Don’t forget to sign up for the last quarter of the Advent Mini Skein Swap.

I’ve herded together Bovertun, Sizzle Pop, and The Doodler for my #knit1000g2018 projects.  This week I’ll be unravelling my Quill shawl, and the Before Dark cardigan.  And work has begun on the Alexandria Peg Trousers.

2018 08 27 Louleigh’s Makers Podcast – Ultra-Light Ankle Socks Giveaway

The Stash Depreciating Shawl Along is coming to and end this week in the Louleigh Community.

This week I’ve launched the Ultra-Light Ankle Socks pattern.  Enter the prize draw by joining my mailing list.

I’ve been working on the Sizzle Pop Shawl, Sugar Loaf Socks, and a second Farrow Dress.

2018 08 05 Louleigh Knitting and Sewing Podcast – Farrow Dress No. 2

This week in the Louleigh community we’ve been chatting about the Stash Depreciating Shawl Along.

I’ve been working on the Playdate Cardigan, a pair of vanilla socks, and my second Farrow Dress. And I’ve finish a third Silk Cami.

2018 07 20 louleigh knitting and sewing podcast – playdate cardigan and farrow dress


In the Louleigh Ravelry Group we have been chatting about the KAL for our Stash Depreciating Shawls, and sign-up for Quarter 4 of the Advent Mini Skein Swap has opened.

I am knitting a Playdate cardigan, and working on my Ultra-light Sock pattern.  I’ve been sewing a Farrow Dress, and another Silk Cami.

louleigh knitting podcast – Sizzle Pop and Farrow Dress


In the Louleigh Ravelry group we’re talking about the Advent Mini Skein Swap Quarter 3 and Quarter 4.  Join the chat in the Stash Depreciating Shawl Along.

I’ve been work on Sizzle Pop, my new ultra-light sock design, and sewing Farrow dress.